Meet our Cohort 2018/19

Khalid Mohamad El Marsi: Computing trainee

Khalid Mohamad El Marsi: Computing trainee

Cohort 2018/19

5th June 2019

Teaching at Harris Academy Beckenham over the past few months has been a brilliant experience. I have really loved my students’ reactions to new concepts and new methods of learning code. The Computer Science curriculum is still fairly new and therefore it is being adjusted and improved yearly which hcan make it difficult for students to attach themselves to a long-term goal in the computer science scene. It really does help when equipment works well in schools and, in my case, at Harris Academy Beckenham, the equipment is extremely well looked after by the staff, supporting my vision to come to life which helps with the delivery of my subject. 

The students’ advancement with computational thinking has been most impressive as they now have the ability to deconstruct a problem and to develop a solution following crucial protocols that I have provided to make the step by step process easier and simpler. 

Programming is a language new to the students, so they are bound to make mistakes. However, the mistakes are quickly corrected and the students learn their way around the language very quickly. I hope to bring them easier and better opportunities by teaching them multiple languages before they are off to explore the subject in depth at A-Level or beyond!


8th March 2019 

My interests in teaching initially developed in secondary school where I was particularly intrigued at how my teachers were able to largely impact students in not only their sense of passion and ambition but also in their attitudes towards learning and their futures.    

I had hoped to continue studying computing at Harris but the option wasn’t available at the time and I was therefore driven to teach myself the subject so that one day I could share my knowledge to others and help educate the younger generations, who will one day shape our future. I went on to pursue computer science at university and graduated with a BSc in computing. 

I was pleased to hear that the Harris federation was offering teacher training and I instantly felt drawn towards the idea of returning to my roots to support and help out. 

Starting my first term at the placement was quite a smooth transition as I first assumed that I would feel nervous, but with the advice I received I felt as though I knew what my purpose was as a teacher and I had the confidence to give this opportunity my all. My colleagues played an important role in boosting my confidence and teaching approach, going through it all, I do not regret overcoming any anxiety barriers and ultimately believe I had made the right decision pursuing this career.  

Attending the teacher training course, I have been exposed to tremendous amount of support from the Harris ITE team. We are fortunate enough to witness multiple knowledgeable speakers that enhance our teaching pedagogy and approach to many common misconceptions. I enjoy inventing new teaching styles and testing how the students respond, when an understanding is met after my explanation I feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Teaching has been very rewarding as I have been able to see my students improve each day and I will continue to encourage students to carry an enthusiasm for computer science. I would definitely recommend teaching to whomever is pursuing a professional career. Not only that it opens multiple doors and opportunities for you but it also allows you to connect with so many different characters with different success stories.  

Harris Academy Beckenham provides excellent IT support and tends to promote a creative, innovative image of computer science. The computers are well looked after, cleaned and repaired whenever broken and not to mention, top quality in terms of speed and processing.  

My experience teaching computing allowed me to present everything I've learned about education and the subject knowledge. I observed that a syntax-based approach discouraged many of my students from loving computer science. I found myself introducing a more visual approach to teaching computer science. I would have my introductory students create games and applications using processing to comprehend coding logic while producing, colourful and cool visual programs. Due to this visual approach, I found that the student’s interest in the subject spiked when they could see the visual impact of their programs. The excitement in their facial expression after observing their code come to live is one of the most enjoyable fragment for myself as their teacher. I get a buzz from projecting my subject passionately, moreover a satisfactory relief when the students are happy with the subject they are learning.