Meet our ITE Professional Tutor and Primary with Maths Specialist


Matteo Sciberras

ITE Professional Tutor and Primary with Maths Specialist

Matteo2What does your role entail? 

I am one of the ITE Professional Tutors on the team at Harris Initial Teacher Education. I work as a link tutor for many of our primary academies across the Federation, including two all-through academies. As part of this role, I visit different academies to observe our trainees and work alongside mentoring teams to support trainees in making progress in their teaching. I am also responsible for leading on our Primary Maths specialism training route as well as co-leading on the delivery of the PGCE side of the course. 

What are your credentials/experience to your current position? 

I joined the Harris ITE Team in 2018 after having worked as a primary teacher in Lambeth. My experience includes working as a lead mentor for trainee teachers and NQTs as well as working as Maths Subject Leader across a federation of primary schools. Prior to primary teaching, I worked in Italy where I taught English as a foreign language in a range of settings, including primary schools, middle schools and industry. I have recently completed an MA in Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education, with assessment being my main interest in education. 

What is the highlight of your role? 

The highlight of my role is visiting academies and seeing our trainees teach great lessons and supporting mentors identify clear steps to help trainees improve even further. It was frustrating not being able to visit schools during the pandemic and I’m delighted to be out and about visiting schools again! 

Three of my favourite recent books in education include: 

  • Equitable Education by Sameena Choudry – this is an accessible book for anyone who cares about social justice and equity in education. It synthesises the latest research on class, gender, race, English as an additional Language, and refugees and asylum seekers, offering practical strategies to address gaps that exist within education. 

  • Natives by Akala – a wonderful, well-researched book than throws into play some urgent questions about education in Britain, past and present. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about training to teach. 

  • Teaching for Mastery by Mark McCourt – the term ‘mastery’ is very common in education, particularly in mathematics. This book considers what it actually means to ‘teach for mastery’, where the term originates from and how it can be implemented.