Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary



Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary

I decided to become a teacher through a series of unintentional steps over a period of six years. The catalyst was working for a kids' entertainment company as a part-time job, which saw me through years of weekend work because I enjoyed having fun with the children so much. Through this and alongside account managing two educational focused clients, I developed a real interest towards the educational sector. Last year, I acknowledged my combined interests of children's development and mentoring, and I fostered a belief that I could make a real difference if placed within a school environment. 

School Direct was the only option for me. It offers a course structure which really suits my character; full-on and learning through classroom experience. I cannot imagine any other teacher training option being better than School Direct. The assistance is incredible and I feel completely confident to take on any challenge. The course leaders offer an incredible amount of time to ensure every participant has both the academic and emotional support to take the programme head on.

My favourite aspect of the course is the teaching! For me, this is the time when I am happiest. But this is only possible because the programme give you the opportunity to try, get it wrong, try again, and improve. Teaching is a remarkable job which is like no other as every day is completely different. Seeing the children develop their ideas and learning because I have inspired them, is beyond inspirational