Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary



Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary

I first flirted with the idea of teaching whilst studying for a degree in Business Management. After spending four years working in supply chain management, I realised that I would never feel satisfied because working as a business analyst was not rewarding enough for me. However, I did enjoy giving presentations, collaborating with colleagues and sharing my knowledge with others. 

After a year of feeling completely unmotivated, I finally concluded that the skills I most enjoyed demonstrating would be utilised every day in teaching. I have always had a fondness for primary school as it was the time in my life that I was happiest and I distinctly remember being inspired by certain teachers. I hope to eventually become a teacher who shall inspire children to achieve their potential.

I personally believe that the course is fundamentally superior to any other because each student is assigned to an experienced mentor who is responsible for guiding them on a year-long trajectory of outstanding teaching.  I appreciate the intensity of the course and being in a classroom four days a week has improved my confidence enormously. I have had weeks where I have taught every lesson and I believe that has only been possible because the course encourages learning flexibility and permits each student to determine the pace of their own development. I have felt comfortable teaching from the beginning and have embraced the challenge of improving every lesson.

My favourite aspect of the course is that I am made to feel like a teacher as I am involved in every facet of the job four days a week. I feel passionate about teaching and this course affords me as many teaching opportunities as I can handle. I am completely confident that by the end of the course I will be an outstanding teacher!