Meet our Cohort 2019-20


Ben Blythsmith: RE and Citizenship Teacher - Harris Academy South Norwood

Cohort 2019-20

October 2020

Ben blythsmithWell, NQT...NQT in a pandemic.

It's been such a mixture of emotions and half of the time I wonder if we will ever go back to the norm. Despite the world being arrested by an invisible enemy, I still have to remember that I am a beacon of hope and guidance to many of my students. Every day I get to school with optimism in my pocket and passion in my soul, I have cut many of my bad habits from my teacher training year and I am trying to walk, talk and be a professional teacher. Easier said than done. Often, I have to encourage myself; I still have a long way to go and a commodious amount to learn. Yet I constantly whisper to myself, "Don't be so hard on yourself chuck. This journey is a long one and it takes years to be the best version of yourself as a teacher".

I've gone from 11 lessons a week in my teacher training year to 25 lessons. I feel a headache coming on just talking about it. However, with all the experience I have gained during last year, I must say things are slightly different now. I walk with a purpose; I have gained respect from many students and have built pivotal relationships with all my classes. And that takes time and patience, in all truth there are students I am still trying to break the ice with, but this year is 10 times better than last year in every way.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, teaching is an amazing profession. No two days are the same. It's draining, I cannot lie, but I cannot think of a better reason to be tired at night than to be impacting the generation of tomorrow. Look forward to keeping you posted on the journey.