Meet our Cohort 2015-16


Blessing Onorie: History Teacher and Mentor - Harris Invictus Academy Croydon

Cohort 2015-16

Harristeaching95The Harris School Direct route has been the right choice for me because it placed me directly within an active school environment and so I have been able to get a true sense of how a school works over an extended period of time.

It has enabled me to create and nurture relationships with fellow teachers and trainees as well as students. The greatest thing that it has given me is the true understanding of student progress over an academic year and being responsible for this has provided me with true insight into the nature of teaching. The most important part of my training has been the marked increase in my subject-specific knowledge which has greatly improved my ability to plan and teach whole schemes of work effectively. I now feel more equipped to promote student understanding and progress. The time set aside each Thursday has been the highlight of my training. Just knowing that I will receive professional insight into the teaching profession as well as techniques that I can put into action the very next day has been invaluable. I feel that I have been prepared with the necessary knowledge and understanding of my subject, teaching pedagogy and the school environment to ensure that my NQT year is a successful one.