Meet our Cohort 2018-19


Roisin Daley: History Teacher

Cohort 2018-19

RoisinMay 2019

How have you used your training in your career so far? 

I found that during my NQT year, I referred back to training sessions I had completed throughout my training year. The subject days in particular were very useful! I also remember looking at one of the EAL workshop notes whilst trying to support and EAL student last year. During my NQT year we had some history sessions that built on knowledge we developed during our training year. We also had in school sessions that focused on specific standards and what we could do to improve these. ITE gave us a great starting point with lots of pedagogy that now I have been teaching a few years I find myself still thinking about particular sessions from my training year. 

What additional roles and responsibilities do you have now? 

This year I am an ITE mentor for a Schools Direct. I have really enjoyed supporting the trainee and thinking back to my own training year. 

What you are looking forward to in this academic year? 

This year I am looking forward to developing my curriculum-building skills so that all my students can engage with lessons. I am also completing an MA in Education this year to further my knowledge on this. I am also looking forward to adapting our KS3 schemes of work and teaching my first Year 11 group. I have also found this year, that my existing relationships with students have been a great asset.