Meet our Cohort 2019/20


Finley Way: Design & Technology Teacher at Harris Girls Academy East Dulwich

Cohort 2019/20

October 2020

The transition from trainee to NQT felt a little overwhelming at first. My timetable increased by a colossal six teaching hours with two GCSE photography groups added and a coaching group to support. Having done over a third of my teaching virtually, it was fair to say that I felt a little rusty going back to school. However, that feeling did not last long. My academy mentor was on hand to offer support, and together we utilised critical reflection in order to address incidents as they occurred.

In the first few weeks, I focused on establishing positive routines to fit in the extra hours of planning and marking. By week four, I had figured it out. My workload felt manageable and finally I was leaving school at a reasonable hour. My colleagues reassured me that the autumn term is the usually the hardest of them all but getting through the first half smiling, it has given me the confidence to sail through the rest of the year.  

The most important thing is to remain positive, establish a routine and find joy in the little wins every day.