Meet our Cohort 2021-22


Milca Mianda: Primary Trainee - Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park

Cohort 2021-22

October 2021

Milca mianda“How did you prepare for your first few weeks?”

Before I started the Harris School Direct course, I was already working at a Harris school; I was a teaching assistant for some time and then I started teaching Spanish between two Harris primary schools. Before I knew it, I found myself signing up to become a primary school teacher. Interestingly, I originally wanted to teach Spanish at a secondary school. Spanish is my specialism and I thought I would enjoy teaching one subject more.  

My first week was only two days long, we – my mentor and I – used this time to get to know the children and set the standards for our class, lessons had not started yet. It was lovely! It gave me a chance to just settle in and get used to the idea of being with one class. The following week was the first full week and I taught my first PSHE lesson (*patting myself on the back*). Honestly, I think I enjoyed the lesson more than the children did! 

Overall, it has been a great experience so far. Switching from a specialism to class teacher is overwhelming at first – I do feel like my brain is thinking about a million things at once – but I’m slowly starting to find my feet. 

In preparation of the teacher training year, I did a the pre-reading that was given to us at Summer School and I had the privilege of speaking to the trainee who was teaching Year 6 that year. Her advice was extremely beneficial, it helped me get into the right mindset for what was coming my way. 

I would recommend bringing a water bottle with you and remembering to drink water! It is so easy to carry on working and forget that your body needs to be hydrated, and not just by coffee and tea. One of the teachers at the academy has a water bottle that shows her how much she has drunk, perhaps that would be a good investment for those that struggle to remember.