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Liliya Dinolova - Computer Science Trainee

Harris Academy Falconwood

January 2023Liliya dinolva"How was your first term at Harrris Initial Teacher Education?"

My first term as a trainee teacher with Harris ITE was full of different emotions. I felt sad some days, happy other days. I am happy and proud of myself and of course I have days that I felt disappointed.  I am very proud because I have set routines and expectations early especially with my Year 7 and 8 classes. They all understand and accept the rules which has made my job a bit easier. 

I felt disappointed when I had a visitor in my class, and I panicked and made some mistakes. However, over time my stress levels reduced and I have become more confident when I have visitors to observe me. I’ve realised that whenever this happens I receive excellent feedback which helps me to develop. 

At the beginning I was scared and not too confident to teach. During the first two weeks I had to familiarise myself with the school rules, with the students, with the staff. It wasn’t easy! But after the October half term holiday, everything changed. 

I became more confident in delivering the lessons and listening to students. Building teacher student relationships has been something that I am really proud of. It has had a positive impact not only on the students but to teaching as a whole. I have started to create relationships with parents over the phone. As part of this job, I have had to make a few negative phone calls, but received support from those parents who were understanding and helped me to deal with the situations. 

I also had the opportunity to attend two parents evening and the appreciation that I received from the parents is something that I cannot explain. They were really happy to meet me in person and to talk about their child. I think it is vital to build these relationships because the parents are trusting me, that I will look after their child - not only academically but pastorally as well. 

At the end of the term I learned that I am self-critical, even though I knew it as I do not accept “this is good” I am a person that used to think everything must be perfect. Thanks to my mentor, who helps me with his support and advice, I feel more confident when I make mistakes. Every time I hear his advice I get better as a teacher. 

Lastly, thanks to my tutor, Harris ITE team, and administrators who are always available and provided me with support straight away.