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Fatima Aziz - Maths Trainee

Harris Academy Rainham

October 2022P10507262"What did your first week entail?"

My first week into training consisted of a range of different experiences. Looking back to it, it brings back a lot of memories. I had a bundle of excitement inside me as the days came closer to my first day. I was anxious, but thankfully I was able to outline a sketch of what to expect from summer school. My first day was an inset day. This is where I was able to meet my department team and familiarise myself with the school I was placed in. I was given a lot of information about the school, routines and policies. Despite being given so much information it helped clear a lot of things in my mind and plan the rest of my week accordingly. But to be completely honest I needed a paracetamol after that day. 

My second day was the first day of school for students. That was a very overwhelming yet long awaited moment. I was eager to get straight into it and make my first impressions on my classes. Following the guidance I was given at training, by my school and my mentor I was able to follow the routines and set my classroom expectations. I remember just having the biggest smile on my face after my first lesson was done. It felt like a step forward to my end goal. The lesson had many things I would do differently but it meant a lot that I got through it. As lessons went on according to my timetable, I found myself continuously evaluating how each one went, planning lessons, looking deeper into the curriculum.  

By the end of the school day on Wednesday I had already attended meetings, training, delivered lessons, planned for lessons, given out warnings to students and so much more. I was still trying to find my way around the school and had trouble remembering everyone’s name. On Thursday I had training with other trainees at Harris Academy Bermondsey, the training hub, where it was really nice coming together and sharing our experiences. We were trained on different ways on behaviour management and routines which was exactly what I needed. Training day has been the most effective source of improvement for me, and it was exactly what I needed after entering such a busy routine at school.  

Friday I remember coming back to school more energetic and with more knowledge that I wanted to put into practice. Friday went by so fast and it left like an amazing way to end the week. I managed to get work done during my free periods as well which helped ease off some work for the weekend. Leaving school at the end of the day felt like a massive achievement. I couldn’t believe I got through the first week and already had learnt so much.  

Overall I would say my first week was very eventful. I was experiencing different emotions at different parts of the week and energy levels were never consistent. But one thing I noticed is that day by day I was learning how to manage everything accordingly. Now that I have finished the first half term of training, I realise that teaching is not a straight path, it can be very busy or very manageable depending on the day. What makes it better is putting what you have learnt into practice.