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Michael Luu - Business Studies Trainee

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January 2023Img 20221024 wa0003"How was your first term as a trainee teacher with Harris Initial Teacher Education?"

My first term being a trainee teacher with Harris ITE has been challenging but positive. Before starting, I remember the countless conversations and advice that existing teachers had for me and some even tried to sway me away from the school direct route. Despite this, I believe that your experience is what you make of it. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I had to question my existence… this is normally after teaching energetic Year 10s, after lunch. However, that feeling is only temporary and it’s okay to have what you consider to be ‘bad’ lessons. What reassures me is that within the teaching community, EVERYONE has at least experienced this and some still do even as a veteran in the field. 

During my time, I have seen my students come out of their shells, grow in confidence, become more vocal and grow their interest in my subject. I believe that if you build great teacher-student relationships, your lessons and experience become much better. Build them with the naughty students, this is a bonus for behaviour management. Regarding work, I am reminded everyday as to why I chose to be in this field and why I come into work… even in the grey and gloomy days of winter. The student’s smiles and “hello Sir” are infectious in the corridor and provides the little boost you sometimes need.  

This profession is one of the hardest professions I have entered; without the correct attitude and mindset, your experience can quickly become a negative one. The first term is difficult, this is where you are finding yourself, you are trying to get to know the students and you’re trying to follow school policy. However, students are also trying to get to know you, your expectations and how far they can push the boundaries. I can confirm that if you keep the standards, routines and expectations high, WITH a warm approach, things will fall into place.  Overall, it has been a great term… to many more terms to come!   

October 2022"Why did you start your teacher training journey?"

My teacher training journey started when I moved from working in the city as a consultant and became a pastoral lead for key stage 5 (16 to 19 year olds) at a school based in Northwest London. From this experience, I was able to have an insight into the world of education and I quickly realised that I wanted to begin a career in teaching. I enjoyed building positive relationships with students, providing them with information from personal experiences and challenging any misconceptions they may have. I also strived to bridge the gap I experienced in support as I left school. Being in the role for two years, I was able to map out my career path. I wanted to continue impacting lives but with a wider reach, resulting in my decision to begin that journey to become a classroom teacher. In addition, training to teach would lead me to my long-term goal of being a valued member of the senior leadership team.  
The main reason I chose to train with Harris Initial Teacher Education (HITE) was due to the Federation's ethos, vision and aims they align with my personal beliefs as well as having a range of teacher training options. My chosen pathway was School Direct with QTS and PGCE.