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'What I do to get through' - a must read with contribution from Georgina Woolfrey, a trainee teacher

Following up on the World Book Day, Georgina Woolfrey - one of our trainee teachers - contributed to a book published a few weeks ago called 'What I do to get through'. The book is full of personal stories of how hobbies have supported mental health, and Georgina wrote the 'Singing' chapter. 

It's definitely worth mentioning that Pooky Knightsmith (a child and adolescent mental health expert who does a lot of work with schools) has written a lovely review which is printed inside. The book is also at Amazon but two local bookshops - Kirkdale Bookshop (Sydenham - it's currently in the window, see pic!) and Bookseller Crow on the Hill (CP triangle) - have it in stock, so it would be great to support them if anyone would like a copy/some hobby inspiration: 

Highly recommended!