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Harris Federation tops new league table for primary and secondary

New research from the Education Policy Institute has concluded that the Harris Federation is among the top performing schools groups for the impact we have on the attainment of pupils in our primary and secondary academies. 

The research establishes the relative effectiveness of academy trusts and local authorities in primary and secondary education. The study measures the impact of school quality on the outcomes achieved by pupils, having controlled for differences in intake and the historic performance of the school.

It concludes that:

  • The Harris Federation is the top performing academy trust for primary education. Children in Harris primary academies make a term’s more progress than they would in an averagely performing schools group and achieve nearly 2.5 more scaled points on the new national curriculum assessments.
  • The Harris Federation is the top performing large trust for secondary education, along with Outwood Grange. The students in Harris secondary academies achieve more than a third of a grade higher in each GCSE subject than similar students nationally.
  • The Harris Federation is one of very few schools groups to be performing well at primary and secondary.

This new research follows the publication of the Department for Education’s league tables in January, which also placed the Harris Federation as the top performing large multi-academy trust.