Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Maths



Harris School Direct Alumni, Maths

I was placed in a school from September and immediately felt like I was teacher. I've managed to build strong relationships with students over many terms rather than switching and having meet a new set of students as you would on placements. I've had an incredible first-hand experience of what it's like to work in a school. I feel lucky to have been a part of the school since September and see how my students have progressed after each term. 

The support networks created with fellow trainee teachers have been the most important and helpful part of my training. I've met a whole group of other maths teachers who are going through the same experiences and are incredibly supportive. You are also given the opportunity to meet the Harris consultants who are lead practitioners in their subjects; they have helped me to vastly improve my pedagogy and subject knowledge. The weekly training that we receive has helped me to develop as a new practitioner. Days are specifically designed to meet the needs of the trainee teachers and I always come away with new strategies and a morale boost. With the Thursday training sessions every week I am improving because I have been able to add something to my practice. Thursdays also allow you time to talk to the course leaders if you need help and they are always happy to talk and support the trainees. With all the support I have received so far I feel prepared to jump into my NQT year in September. I've received career advice so I am aware of the possibilities and routes I can take and I was offered help to secure a place for next year.