Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Physics



Harris School Direct Alumni, Physics

I arrived to Harris from a university-based background, primarily doing research but also lecturing/teaching one day a week. Increasingly I found that the teaching aspects were my favourite part of the week; now I get to do that every day!

Within Harris there are multi-tiered layers of support, ranging from daily interactions with your mentor to advice from your link tutor/Harris ITE team and subject consultants. There’s never been a moment where I’ve felt like I haven’t known where to go for help/support be it from pedagogical aspects of the course to the more practical day-to-day activities.

The variety of what happens on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me; I think it’s absolutely impossible to have a boring day as a teacher. From interactions with the students, to some of the most interesting lectures/training I’ve attended; there’s always something different happening every day.