Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Maths



Harris School Direct Alumni, Maths

 I absolutely loved school. I was never the smartest in the class, but I loved learning and exploring in the subjects where I had dynamic and interesting teachers. I always wanted a career in which I would make a significant difference and teaching without a doubt, has made this possible. I have loved watching my pupils grow in confidence and self-belief over the year; and when a pupil thanks me for a lesson, I can honestly reply ‘it was my pleasure’.

The Harris ITE training course has been a great way to train to teach. I did a lot of research into all the routes available and Harris drew my attention as I was able to gain valuable experience within the classroom, whilst still being fully supported. The programme is accommodating to different people’s needs and experiences and the training delivered throughout the year takes this into consideration. Each week I am able to take both subject specific and pedagogical training back into the classroom and over the year not only as I have grown as a teacher, but my pupils have progressed too.

My favourite part of the job is those lightbulb moments! Being a trainee teacher, I am always trying new things out in the classroom. Recently I taught a mathematical concept and the pupils just really struggled to understand it. After talking to others in my department and reflecting on my explanations I had used in class, I tried something different in the next lesson and the lightbulb went off! The whole class was engaged and I even got a round of applause at the end of the lesson for making it stick!