Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, RIS Maths



Harris School Direct Alumni, RIS Maths

After moving to England to study as a research student in mathematics, where I experimented class teaching at undergraduate level, I realized that teaching was one of the highlights of my week and that I wanted to make it my profession. This also related to my love for teaching Judo to children and teenagers, which I had previously experienced in my country. Indeed, Judo is a wonderful form of education and this definitely contributed to forming my love for teaching and my ethos as a teacher.


With Harris ITE training course I was able to develop a great wealth of practical and theoretical experience which incredibly enriched my knowledge about teaching in class and allowed me to develop my skills as a professional. By engaging constantly with theory, reflecting on my daily experience as a teacher, and receiving quick and meaningful feedback, which are all fundamental traits of the Harris ITE course, I was able to grow in the classroom environment and become a confident practitioner that has the resources and the skills to improve in the profession and has a deep positive impact in the life of students. 


One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about being a trainee teacher with Harris is the great amount of meaningful feedback about my teaching that I received from a large number of experienced practitioners. Indeed, feedback was always timely, appropriate and useful, always addressing a wide range of aspects and aiming at my growth and improvement. This made my training year, which was undoubtedly a challenging one, very rich of personal and professional growth and, therefore, very rewarding.