Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, History



Harris School Direct Alumni, History

I had considered training to become a teacher for a while but had always lacked the confidence to make the leap. I decided to get some experience at local schools, teaching some lessons and assisting in as many classrooms as possible. This, combined with my work as a tutor with the Access Project, convinced me to go for it. 

Having graduated six years before I was hoping to start training, I was keen to go for the route which would offer me the steepest learning curve and greatest exposure within a school environment. The School Direct programme administered by Harris offered an attractive mix of theoretical training and the chance to put that theory into practice straight away, at a great school and with a fantastic support network both centrally and spread across the Federation. 

So far my experience has been extremely positive. The days with the School Direct team have been very useful and the team are incredibly reassuring and supportive. The time in school has been fantastic - from day one colleagues have been welcoming and focused on helping me to become a better teacher. Of course getting to know the students has been the highlight - having my own classes and taking responsibility for their learning and understanding is a great feeling and something I feel lucky to be enjoying so early on in my career.

Having one day per week to collaborate with fellow trainees and learn more in regards to the theory behind outstanding teaching practice is really great – I appreciate having the time to reflect, share and learn from others' experiences. Having said that, my favourite days are in the academy, with my colleagues and students. It's a real privilege to feel like a valued part of the school team. Thanks to regular visits and updates from the ITE team, you also know you have the full backing of the Federation. That's very empowering.