Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary



Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary

I've always loved working with children, in particular taking great pleasure from watching a child grasp a new concept and develop and mature. From starting as a one-to-one support for children with autism, I really wanted to have the chance to make the difference on a larger scale and decided to apply to become a teacher.

My previous experience was working with children in schools and I didn't want to go back to university.  Applying for a course which paid me to work whilst training me to be an outstanding teacher was the obvious choice. I applied to work in a Harris Academy as a TA and felt comfortable and positive that the school was right for me before applying for a School Direct position.  Not many people have the opportunity to do this, and I’m grateful for my opportunity.

I love the fact that I receive unlimited support. No problem or concern is too big or too small. Everything is taken at a steady pace to keep progress constant and goals/targets realistic. School Direct training is personalized to bring the best out of me and help me become a unique teacher.  It's like being thrown in the deep end but with arm bands; no-one is going to let you drown.

There are so many things I love about the course. Being a Year 1 teacher, I have to say that the children are my favorite aspect of the course. The way they connect with me when I am teaching is amazing. I have had a few lightbulb moments since I've started and I have found this to be one of the most fulfilling feelings!