Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary



Harris School Direct Alumni, Primary

The Harris School Direct programme has been very beneficial to my training in many ways. You are at the forefront of practice - from the very first day, I was put in front of the classroom, dealing with parents, positive and negative behaviour from children. This helped me to grasp key pedagogical concepts from very early on in my career and has made me a more reflective practitioner overall.

The subject days have been the most beneficial aspect of the course, as I have been able to liaise and discuss with other trainees the key pedagogical principles that each subject entails. This has built my confidence monumentally as I take away key information from subject experts which I can apply directly in the classroom the following week.

Most of the Thursday sessions have been invaluable in building my pedagogy and unique teaching style. They are varied and fun, allowing trainees to explore various areas of practice and theory and how these work in tandem in the profession. You build positive relationships with the other trainees and we are never shy to talk about how our week went!

I am constantly reflecting and improving - I will be ready for my NQT year. The programme has promoted my individual talents and also has provided a sanctuary for me to hone my practice, which will be invaluable next year.