Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, D&T



Harris School Direct Alumni, D&T

Aside from being my real love of learning and being incredibly comfortable in places of education, there were some situations that arose in my previous career that really made me question what I was doing with my life. I was bored with just going to work, completing the day and then heading home with no real job satisfaction or feeling like I’d really ‘done something.’ That’s why I decided I wanted to become a teacher. And the idea of being able to talk about design all day seemed like the perfect solution!

As daunting as it seems to start teaching straight away, I’m really thankful I was thrown straight in.  I feel the School Direct team took the time to place me in a school that would suit and support me as I taught. All the staff with School Direct are also incredibly supportive and responsive; I always know where to go if I have a query or something that I need help with.

The Thursday training sessions are amazing and unbelievably helpful; it’s almost like they’re creating a training plan specifically for me and the challenges I’ve faced that week. I’ve made some incredible friends through the training sessions, and it’s just another support system to help get you through the year as everyone knows what you’re going through, as they’re doing it too! 

Even though I’m only a few weeks into the course, I already feel like a teacher from the way I am treated by the students, the staff in my academy and the staff at School Direct.