Meet our Harris School Direct Alumni, English



Harris School Direct Alumni, English

Developing competency in the English Language is a student’s gateway to getting access to knowledge in this competitive, informative age where the need for a teacher is of utmost importance. My passion to inspire lives, teach a global language and to work with children and young adults has guided me towards the path to becoming a remarkable teacher.

To succeed in this path, I could not think of another but School Direct and Harris Federation ITE in particular. The very nature of the course is attractive as it gives you an authentic feel of a teacher’s life. Working in a school and facing real challenges of a teacher was more appealing compared to sitting in a lecture and imagining a classroom environment.

Harris School Direct has created such a welcoming atmosphere which I personally refer to as almost a family. Lead practitioners, mentors and supporting staff are more than ready to answer or help with any problem. They regularly come and visit us in our academies, ensuring that the right support is at hand and observing us so that, as trainee teachers, we are developing to the best of our potential. I also personally see these visits as a reassurance, just like a parent would always be there for a child, Harris SD team would also be there when we just might need them the most. At times, work at school can be overwhelming and having someone from the team pop down to say hello is all that is needed to become motivated again.

I'm sure the extensive support network from experienced and cheerful individuals from Harris School Direct will not only help me successfully gain QTS, but will also help me develop into a well-rounded, reflective teaching professional; a teacher who does not only have the passion for the subject she teaches, but ensures that with changing times, a fresh approach and flexibility to teaching style is practiced; a teacher who values the diverse nature in class and is willing to cater for different abilities so that every student feels like an individual, who has a quality of their own to contribute.

To say which aspect of the course is my favourite is tough, as every day is a learning platform. A whole day out every week dedicated to developing us as teachers is immensely comforting and extremely valuable. Be it subject knowledge days that equip us to continue succeeding in our desired areas or having a guest speaker to inspire us in our pathways to becoming the best of the best as professionals, I have no doubt that this year-long Harris School Direct Programme is teaching me skills that will be valuable for a lifetime.