Meet our ITE Professional Tutor and Science Subject Specialist


Lisa Rosenquist

ITE Professional Tutor and Science Subject Specialist

Lisa2What does your role entail?

In my current role as an ITE Professional Tutor, I am responsible for Researchers in Schools (a niche route into teaching programme for trainee teachers who hold a PhD), and the subject specialist training days that span the year across all our courses here at HITE, in addition to looking after trainees in my allocated academies across the Federation.I enjoy making every lesson count, and guiding trainees to have the most impact they possibly can by fully bringing their subject to life. 

What are your credentials/experience to your current position? 

Prior to joining the Harris ITE Team, I worked as a Science Teacher for 9 years, teaching in challenging schools in the North West and London before a further 6 years as a Harris Federation Science Consultant. Having qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) in 2010, my passion centres around spreading best practice in the teaching and learning of Science across a number of schools.My Master’s in Advanced Educational Practice has allowed me to focus on larger projects such as planning whole curricula as well as action research, which I made use of in my role as Lead for KS3 Science across the Harris Federation.