Meet our Cohort 2021-22


Callum Robertson: History Trainee - Harris Girls Academy Bromley

Cohort 2021-22

October 2021

Callum robertson“Why did you start your teacher training journey?”

Picture this. You’re commuting into work at 6am on a Wednesday. You are tired and not enjoying the work like you thought you would. So, it’s another day. 

Then, an idea pops into your head. What if you took a plunge and did what you always wanted to do, quit your job and become a History Teacher?! 

Then I let the thought pass, got into the office and quickly forgot it, never thinking that I would actually do it. 

I was on the commute the next day, and the same thought came into my head. So instead of letting it pass, I got my phone out and googled “train to teach London”, one of the top results was the government teaching website. 

This told me I needed a personal statement, my qualifications and two references. So, I got writing, got my personal statement down on paper over the course of a few days and called some people who were willing to act as references for me. 

Then I applied...! 

After waiting nervously, I got invited for an interview, initially with the Harris ITE team where they assessed my motivations and my ability to deliver a lesson starter activity. I found out shortly after that I passed this. 

So, they put me forward for a school, Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley. I booked a day off to attend the interview and made my way to New Beckenham, pleasantly surprised at the commute. 

After a rigorous interview with the Principal, Head of Humanities and Head of Yellow Faculty, I found out that they would be happy to take me as a trainee History Teacher whilst waiting at the train station to go back to my flat. Having loved the experience so far, I said ‘yes’ immediately. 

Then came the realisation. I think there’s an instinct in everyone where they question if they are doing the right thing. I kept asking myself the question, “am I actually giving up a good job with decent colleagues because of a thought I had on the morning commute?” 

So, I swallowed my nerves and handed in my notice, ready to start my new job. My colleagues at my old job were brilliantly supportive. 

Then I arrived at Harris Bermondsey for the Summer School, meeting the other trainees and realising, almost instantaneously, that I had made the right decision. 

Following this, I arrived at the school for the inset days. My new colleagues have been brilliantly supportive and the school is an exciting place to work and grow as a teacher!