Meet our ITE Professional Tutor (Secondary)


James Wright

ITE Professional Tutor (Secondary)

As an experienced Teacher Educator and ITE Course Lead, I have worked across a wide variety of training routes, providing support and training both for beginning and experienced teachers as a university tutor, local authority advisor and independent consultant.  Prior to joining Harris, I taught in London schools across a variety of subject areas.  I hold a Master’s degree in Psychosocial Studies and Education with research, with a particular focus on Initial Teacher Education. As a Local Authority Consultant, I advised primary and secondary schools on SMSC, Citizenship and PSHE, promoting mental health and well-being among students and staff and promoting critical literacy, active citizenship and social justice.

I have sat as a member of the Expert Subject Advisory Group for Citizenship and I have worked alongside the Mayor’s Office to write the London Curriculum for Citizenship, a curriculum resource which is available to all London schools. I have also co-written and edited, with the English and Media Centre, an anthology of short stories and novel extracts entitled, Diverse Shorts: Literature to Promote Critical Thinking.

In my current role as ITE Secondary Professional Tutor, I am responsible for leading on the delivery of the Master’s Level PGCE in partnership with Kingston University.  I am also the ITE Lead for the RE with Citizenship subject strand.  In my work as a teacher educator for Harris ITE I enjoy working with trainees to support their development into critically reflective and dedicated teachers who care deeply about their students, subjects, and their own professional development.