Salary & Benefits

What are my funding options?

There are two funding routes open for our Initial Teacher Education course through School Direct:

Salaried route: Apply for a highly competitive salaried School Direct position and earn a salary as you train to teach.

95% of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are employed in a teaching role within six months of completing their training. As an NQT, you'll begin on a salary of at least £22,917, or £28,660 in inner London.

The pay ranges for 2018/2019 can be shown in a table on the Get Into Teaching website here 

The salaried route enables you to ‘earn while you learn’. You will be employed directly by one of our academies and will be paid on the unqualified teacher pay scale. This route is suitable for professional graduates who have been working for three years or more in any career.

Fee-funded programme: Generous, tax-free funding is available to the best graduates training in a range of subjects. You could get a £26,000 bursary or be awarded a prestigious scholarship – which provides additional support and benefits throughout your training year. If you teach maths, you could get £30,000 – a £20,000 tax-free bursary while you train and a further £10,000 after tax once in teaching. With or without a bursary or scholarship, you could receive a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan to help fund your teacher training year. Alternatively, you could earn a salary while you train with School Direct (salaried)

Scholarships of £30,000 are available for physics trainees, and £27,500 for those training to teach maths, languages, computing, geography and chemistry. These prestigious awards are aimed at high quality graduates with a 2:1 and above, who are passionate about their subject and have the potential to be inspirational teachers. Details can be found here.

For more information on your funding options, and an overview of what is available to you, please visit:

What qualifications will I receive?

The Harris ITE programme leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The course is designed to enable you to develop your teaching skills and improve your subject knowledge in a practical and relevant environment. 

Our programme also leads to a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and 60 Masters Credits from our partner university. You will leave at the end of the year-long course fully prepared for your Newly Qualified Teacher year and a high proportion of our trainees are offered a permanent role on completion of the programme.

A Future Career with Harris

We’d love you to stay on as a member of the Harris family after your training.

We are a successful, highly collaborative and enterprising Academy group with a variety of career opportunities on offer. Whether you are an experienced Teacher, Newly Qualified or part of a Support or Senior Leadership team we welcome your application and are always looking for those talented individuals who want to make a difference to children’s lives. We offer the option of a two year training contract, employing you for your initial training and Newly Qualified Teacher years for maximum security, continuity for our students and to fully invest in your development as a teacher.

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Why teach at Harris?

Collaboration. Working together as a team, this is what makes us so successful.

A wide range of people can become teachers and it can be exceptionally rewarding to bring experience of other professions and industries to the classroom. We’ve been fortunate enough to train former lawyers, accountants, medical professionals and more. In joining a Harris Academy, you will be working with some of the country's most exceptional teachers, support staff and leaders.

When you choose a career at Harris, you join a team of motivated professionals who share drive and the ambition to give children and teenagers at all of our Academies an outstanding education within a dynamic and happy school environment. What’s more, we are committed to retaining our staff by providing a highly competitive package, professional learning and ongoing, high quality career development.

We want every child in London to have the best possible education so that their potential is realised and they can have choices in their lives as to what they want to do. To do this, we are looking for people who are passionate, dedicated and who share in our belief that every child has the potential to excel.

With Harris, you will always be encouraged to innovate, to try new things and to do what best suits the education of the children we serve. We have a strong culture of sharing best practice and finding ways to identify what works best for you in your Academy, department or classroom and in nurturing your ongoing career with us.

What can we offer you?

Our Academies form part of a highly supportive network with a wealth of subject and age phase experts and mentors to help develop and guide you throughout your career.

Each Harris Academy is autonomous and led by an experienced Principal and team of senior leaders. Each one has its own curriculum and unique ethos. What our Academies share, however, is a commitment to give their young people an excellent education within a happy, caring and supportive environment.

Visit our careers site here to search and apply for various opportunities across the Harris Federation, and to find out more information about a lasting career with the Harris Federation.

View a map of our academies here

Fast Track Leadership Programme

We recognise that many career changers bring a vast amount of industry and business experience and we offer twilight leadership seminars and mentoring for those interested in a future in School Leadership. Please visit our career development page to find out more information.